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Updated: May 2

Villa Bramasole in “Under the Tuscan sun”

If you've been dreaming of an Italian vacation like in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, now is the time to make it happen: Villa Laura in Cortona, known as "Villa Bramasole" in the 2003 film starring Diane Lane, was recently renovated into the perfect Tuscan retreat and with 10 bedrooms plus 10.5 bathrooms, the massive estate comfortably sleeps 20 people, according to the listing on Luxury Retreat.

Beyond the main house, the estate includes a farmhouse, conservatory, and sprawling grounds. The backyard is the perfect space to, ahem, soak up the Tuscan sun, featuring a garden filled with poppies and Italian shrubbery, as well as a hammock, a pool, a Bocce court, and an outdoor dining area. The home wouldn't be complete without a pizza oven so guests can experience true Italian cuisine, along with a basement wine cellar to wash it all down with some of Tuscany's best. The home must be booked for at least seven days, so guests have plenty of time to explore

Read the full article in Condé Nast Traveler:
Rent the Villa !aura on the site of Luxury Retreats:

Adjacent farmhouse with 4 rooms

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