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Unforgettable experiential travel
in awe-inspiring destinations

The TOURIS™ founders are experts in the design of itineraries and enogastronomic experiences that are a feast for all senses.


They are passionate about the wine terroir, the fine gastronomy and the grandiose landscapes. For the benefit of the readers and our customers, they are constantly looking for magical places and famous for the quality of life and they travel the world to inspire new colors, flavors and new fragrances.

Outstanding communicators and guides, they are particularly fond of California (Napa, Sonoma, Monterey), France (Provence, Côte d'Azur, Gironde, Burgundy, Basque Country, Corsica), Portugal (Douro, Porto),  Spain (Basque Country, Andalucia, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Rioja), and most importantly, Italy (Amalfi Coast, Riviera, Tuscany, Rome, Veneto, Piemont, Sardinia).


The TOURIS™ network of local experts and collaborators adds decades of experience, combined with their deep local knowledge and passion for cultural immersion - and they will be happy to share this passion with you and help us make your dream come true


You can follow them on the TOURIS™ blog, FoodieNomad®.

Our decision to use Foodie+Nomad's travel coaching services contributed in our most amazing trip ever. Rather than  travel agents with a generic guided tour, dictating the specific where’s and when’s, they instead crafted consciously for us, a tailored itinerary in awe-inspiring landscapes a filled with foodie experiences that lit up all of our senses.

Thank you for making this trip a truly dream vacation!

Chantal H.

" They created a magical itinerary and saved us hundreds of hours of pouring through review sites.

Helping us develop a framework for our trip that focused on the aspects of travel that were important to us and allowing us the ability to delve deeper and stay longer whenever we desired. A tailored itinerary made this trip unforgettable. It’s was amazing to  have our friends at Foodie+Nomad help and guide us along the way."

Dom & Valerie
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