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Patrice-Pâtissier: Sweets & brunch in Griffintown

Dernière mise à jour : 22 juin 2018

Have you ever visited famous Chef Patrice Demers’ pastry shop? If not, you definitely have to make room in your calendar for a visit to discover Montreal’s #bestdesserts.

They are always fresh made and delicious.

#PatricePatissier is one of our favourite spot in #Montreal. Every weekend we visit the #AtwaterMarket to find high quality fresh products. We’ve made an habit to have breakfast or brunch at Patrice Pâtissier, and to pick up some desserts and bread for the week.

Last weekend was not exception, and it was a pleasure to taste the breakfast-size pie with leaks, zucchini, grilled Alfred cheese and a poached egg. It was divine!

Don't hesitate to try the #Kouignamann, #Cannelé (small flavored French pastry) or the fresh-made choux à la crème (cream puff).

Photo courtesy of #Foodenomad

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