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Avignonesi: Fantastic winery in one of Tuscany’s most beautiful region

Dernière mise à jour : 22 juin 2018

The charming medieval towns of #Montepulciano and #Cortona are truly must-see destinations; the fact that you get to enjoy first-rate wine is just an added bonus! #NobilediMontepulciano is primarily made up of the #Sangiovese grape along with a few other local varieties that give it its medium body and firm tannins. Coupled with a reddish brown color and the characteristic smell of sweet violets, this wine is an essential for all wine lovers. To experience the best of it, nothing can beat #Avignonesi winery. This winery is located near the village of Valiano, just a few kilometers from the historic town of Montepulciano in one direction, and the splendid town of Cortona in the other. With its vineyards, villa, chapel and ancient stone wine cellars, it is the very heart of the Avignonesi winery. They greet guests who are interested in learning more about wine, winemaking and wine pairing. Martin and I were lucky enough to experience it and it has been so far one of the best meal with wine pairing we ever had. They offer #cookingclasses as well, next time we are in the region, it’s on our bucket list. Watch this video that tells it all about the wonderful Avignonesi winery:

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